Your privacy is paramount to us at Dorzet. This Privacy Policy, crafted in accordance with the Information Technology Act, 2000, and subsequent amendments, illustrates how we treat the personal data you provide while using our platform. By accessing or transacting on Dorzet, you consent to our data practices as described herein.

1. Data Collection & Purpose

At Dorzet, data-driven insights are crucial in our commitment to offering you an unparalleled user experience. Your data helps us tailor our services to your unique needs, ensuring satisfaction at every turn. Here's how we gather and utilize your data:

a. User Data

Nature of Data: Depending on the service or feature you're accessing; we may ask you for varying degrees of personal information. At its most basic, this might include your name, contact details, and areas of interest. For certain advanced features or for added security measures, we may need more detailed data.

Verification & Security: In today's digital age, safety is paramount. To ensure the authenticity of user profiles and to safeguard our community, we might require users to provide government-verified identification proofs such as Aadhar, PAN, or Passport. This not only boosts the credibility of our platform but also enhances trust among users.

b. Usage Logs

Continuous Monitoring: Every click, every scroll, every interaction you have with our platform is potentially logged. This isn't done to invade your privacy but to understand you better. By analyzing these logs, we can identify patterns, preferences, and pain points.

Service Enhancement: Your usage logs are a goldmine of insights. They help us identify which features you love, which ones you don't, and where we need to improve. By analyzing your interactions, we can refine our offerings, ensuring they align perfectly with what you desire.

c. Transactional Data

Recording Transactions: Whether it's a service you availed, a product you purchased, or a query you raised, we keep a record. This helps in ensuring transparency, facilitating easy reorders, and addressing any concerns you might have.

Optimization & User Experience: Transactional data offers us a glimpse into your journey with Dorzet. By studying this, we can streamline processes, making your experience smoother and more enjoyable. Whether it's speeding up the checkout process, offering personalized discounts, or simply ensuring you find what you're looking for, your transactional data is key.

d. Data Collection

Details on how long the data is retained: At Dorzet, we value the trust you place in us. Your data is retained only for periods essential to serve the purposes for which it was collected, or as mandated by applicable laws and regulations. Once your data is no longer necessary, we ensure it's securely deleted or anonymized.

Explicit opt-out options for users: Dorzet believes in empowering its users. Should you decide to minimize the data you share, you can always navigate to your account settings and customize your preferences. If at any time you wish to opt out of specific data collection practices, you'll find user-friendly options to do so.

e. Security

Details on encryption and data protection mechanisms: Your security is paramount to Dorzet. We use advanced encryption techniques and robust data protection mechanisms to safeguard your information. Our systems and processes are designed following global best practices to ensure your data remains protected against unauthorized access.

Specific protocols for data breaches or security incidents: In the unlikely event of a data breach or security incident, Dorzet has robust protocols in place to address such situations. We commit to notifying affected users promptly and taking all necessary steps to mitigate risks and rectify the situation.

Your data is more than just numbers and letters to us. It's a story—a story of your journey with Dorzet. And we're committed to ensuring it's a story worth telling.

2. Data Utilization

At Dorzet, the data we collect doesn't just sit idly. We actively utilize it to ensure that we're constantly evolving, improving, and catering directly to your needs. Here's how we put your data to work:

a. Service Enhancement

At Dorzet, our core mission is to foster enduring connections. As an aggregator, it becomes imperative to share essential information such as your name, age, gender, contact details, and an identification photograph with potential employers. This data sharing is done in strict compliance with the Information Technology Act, 2000, and its amendments. We assure you that such dissemination is conducted with meticulous care and discretion, ensuring the platform's smooth operations.

Analytical Insights: Your interactions with our platform, from the pages you view to the services you access, are transformed into meaningful analytical insights. This helps us decipher your needs, preferences, and the areas we need to bolster.

Personalized Experience: Beyond the general improvements, your data plays a pivotal role in customizing your Dorzet experience. The services you see, the recommendations you receive, and even the content you come across is tailored based on your past interactions and preferences. We aim to make every visit to Dorzet feel like it's uniquely catered to you.

b. Promotions & Marketing

Targeted Offers: Nobody likes to be bombarded with irrelevant offers. Using the data, we have; we ensure that the promotions and offers you see are aligned with your interests and past interactions. This increases the likelihood that you'll find value in them.

Informed Consent: We respect your privacy. Hence, any promotional material, be it newsletters, offers, or updates, will only be sent to you if you've provided explicit consent. At any point, should you feel that you no longer wish to receive these, we provide easy opt-out options, ensuring you remain in control of what you receive.

It's crucial to understand that while data provides us with invaluable insights, it's the trust you place in us that truly guides our actions. Your data is not just utilized for our benefit but is primarily employed to enhance your experience, ensuring Dorzet remains your preferred choice.

2.1 User-Centric Advertising

Personalized Advertisements

  • Understanding User Preferences: At Dorzet, we believe that every user is unique. We value your individuality and want to ensure that you see advertisements that are relevant to your interests. To do this, we use data analytics to analyze your individual interactions and behaviors on our platform. This allows us to create personalized advertisements that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

  • Data Sources: The data we use for personalized advertising may include your browsing history, purchase behaviors, saved preferences, and even interactions with previous ads. We take your privacy seriously and only use this data in a way that is respectful of your wishes.

  • Opting Out: If you prefer not to see personalized advertisements, you can easily opt out of this feature. To do so, simply go to your account settings and uncheck the box next to "Personalized Advertising."

  • Post-Opt-Out Experience: Even if you opt out of personalized advertising, you will still see advertisements on our platform. However, these ads will not be tailored to your specific interests. Instead, they will be more general in nature.

Generic Advertisements

  • Nature and Purpose: Generic advertisements are not based on any personal data about you. They are designed to reach a wider audience and inform users about a variety of products, services, or promotions.

  • Data Independence: Generic advertisements are not influenced by your individual interactions, saved preferences, or personal data. They are created using a set of broad criteria that are designed to reach a large number of people.

Data Security and Privacy

  • Commitment to Privacy: Dorzet is committed to protecting your privacy. We take all necessary measures to safeguard the data we collect from you. This includes using industry-standard security protocols and encrypting your data.

  • Transparency and Control: We believe that you should have control over your data. That's why we make it easy for you to understand how your data is being used and to exercise control over its use. You can do this by visiting your account settings and reviewing our privacy policy.

By engaging with the Dorzet platform, you acknowledge and accept our advertising practices. For a more detailed understanding of our data practices and user rights, we encourage you to review our Privacy Policy.

3. Sharing & Disclosure

At Dorzet, while we highly prioritize your privacy, there are certain scenarios where data sharing becomes essential for operational efficiency or legal compliance. Here's a breakdown of how we handle such scenarios:

a. Third-Party Affiliates

Collaborative Approach: To offer you a seamless experience and comprehensive services, Dorzet collaborates with selected third-party affiliates. This might include payment gateways for smooth transactions, verification agencies for enhanced security, or other service providers that augment our offerings.

Data Protection Measures: Any sharing of user data with these third-party entities is done under strict confidentiality terms. We ensure that these partners adhere to robust data protection standards, equivalent to, or even surpassing, our own. This ensures that your data remains secure, even when it's outside our direct purview.

b. Legal Compliance

Upholding the Law: Dorzet operates under the jurisdiction of the Republic of India and is committed to complying with its laws and regulations. In scenarios where there's a legal obligation, such as a court order, a regulatory directive, or a lawful request by a governmental body, we might be compelled to disclose specific user data.

Safety & Public Interest: In instances where there's a clear and imminent threat to public safety, security, or the integrity of our platform, we may disclose pertinent data. This is always done with the primary aim of ensuring the well-being of our users and the public.

Your trust is paramount to us. We want to assure you that any data sharing or disclosure is done with utmost care, keeping your best interests at the forefront. Our commitment is not just to provide top-notch services but also to safeguard the faith you place in Dorzet.

4. User Rights & Data Protection

Access & Control: Users can access, modify, or request deletion of their data stored on our platform. We believe in empowering our users with data rights, ensuring transparency at every step. To exercise these rights, users can write to us at

Security Measures: Your security is our priority. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and in accordance with the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011, we ensure your data remains protected against unauthorized access and breaches.

Data Protection: At Dorzet, we hold the sanctity of your data in the highest regard. In accordance with the emphasis laid out by the IT Act, we have formulated rigorous data protection measures. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and employing the latest data encryption methodologies, we ensure your data remains shielded from unwarranted access and breaches. Notably, all user data is stored within the territorial boundaries of India, strictly adhering to the stipulations of the Indian IT regulations. The tenure of our data storage extends until you, our esteemed user, instruct us to remove your data.

By accessing the Dorzet platform, you grant explicit consent to our Privacy Policy, recognizing and endorsing the stipulations specified within. While we are steadfast in our commitment to fortifying your data, it's pertinent to understand that absolute digital security is elusive. We are dedicated to safeguarding your information to the zenith of our capabilities, yet we cannot assume responsibility for unpredictable incidents concerning your data. Should there be any anomalies or data breaches, it is our vow to swiftly notify our valued users in accordance with the IT Act's guidelines.

5. Intellectual Property

All content and materials available on Dorzet, including but not limited to text, graphics, website name, code, images, logos, trademarks, and proprietary data, remain the exclusive property of Dorzet. Such content is protected by international copyright and trademark laws.

Unauthorized use, replication, redistribution, or any other form of misuse of the aforementioned materials, including the misuse of contact details or any other user-specific data found on the platform, is strictly prohibited and may lead to legal consequences. Misuse in this context includes, but is not limited to:

  • Data Mining: Extracting and using data from Dorzet without explicit permission for purposes such as building external databases, contacting users unsolicited, or any other form of data scraping.
  • Unauthorized Replication: Copying, reproducing, or distributing Dorzet's proprietary content without obtaining prior consent.
  • Misrepresentation: Using Dorzet's logo, trademark, or any other brand-specific content to mislead users or falsely imply a partnership or endorsement.
  • Exploitation: Selling, renting, or sub-licensing material from the platform, or showcasing the content in public viewings without prior authorization.

Users found violating these terms or engaging in unauthorized use of Dorzet's intellectual property may face legal action, including injunctions, compensatory damages, or both.

By accessing and using Dorzet's platform, users acknowledge and agree to respect all intellectual property rights owned by Dorzet and its licensors.

7. Cookies & Tracking Mechanisms

We use cookies for platform functionality and analytical purposes. By using Dorzet, you consent to our use of cookies in alignment with our cookie policy.

8. Governing Law & Jurisdiction

a. Applicable Law

All terms, conditions, and provisions of this policy are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of India.

b. Jurisdictional Authority

Any disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with this policy, including disputes relating to its validity, breach, termination, or nullity, will be exclusively resolved by the competent courts located within the Republic of India.

c. Arbitration

Unless resolved amicably between both parties within 30 days of the dispute arising, any disputes stemming from this policy might be subject to arbitration in India, following the rules and regulations of the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.

d. Compliance

Users accessing Dorzet's platform from outside India are responsible for compliance with local laws if and to the extent they are applicable. Using the platform or submitting personal data, directly or indirectly, signifies acceptance of this jurisdictional provision. By accessing and using Dorzet's platform, users explicitly agree to the legal jurisdiction and venue stipulated in this section and waive any objection to such jurisdiction or venue.

9. Amendments to the Policy

Dorzet reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy in accordance with platform developments, legal changes, or technological advancements. Regular reviews by users are recommended.

By utilizing the Dorzet platform, you acknowledge and consent to our Privacy Policy, confirming your understanding and acceptance of the terms outlined therein.


At Dorzet, we prioritize the user experience. To optimize our services and ensure smooth functionality, we utilize cookies and cache mechanisms on both our website and app. This policy details how we use these tools and their implications for you as a user.

1. Cookies Policy

Cookies are small text files stored on your device when you visit a website. They help in enhancing user experience by remembering user preferences and tracking user behaviors.

1.1 What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your device when you visit a website. They help in enhancing user experience by remembering user preferences and tracking user behaviors.

1.2 Why do we use Cookies?

Dorzet uses cookies for various reasons:

  • Session Management: To keep users logged in and remember user preferences.
  • Performance: To understand user behavior, improve website loading times, and optimize the user experience.
  • Personalization: To tailor content based on user preferences.
  • Security: To protect user data and prevent fraudulent activities.

User Control: You can control or opt out of cookies through your browser settings. However, disabling cookies might affect certain functionalities of our website.

2. Cache Policy

Caching involves storing copies of files in a cache, or a temporary storage location, so that they can be accessed more quickly.

2.1 What is Caching?

Caching involves storing copies of files in a cache, or a temporary storage location, so that they can be accessed more quickly.

2.2 Why do we use Cache?

Dorzet uses cache for various reasons:

  • Speed: Caching speeds up both our website and app by storing copies of files to quickly load them without fetching from the server every time.
  • Reduced Latency: By storing files locally, users experience reduced lag and improved performance.
  • Offline Access (For App): Cached data allows app users to access certain features even when offline.

User Control: For our website, users can clear cached data through their browser settings. For our app, users can clear cache in the app settings or through their device settings.

3. Third-party Cookies

Dorzet may collaborate with third-party services, which might use cookies on our platform. These cookies are used for understanding user preferences, delivering targeted advertisements, and optimizing user experience. Users can control third-party cookies through their browser settings.

4. Updates to this Policy

Dorzet may occasionally update this policy in response to technological advancements or regulatory changes. Users are encouraged to review this policy periodically.


Dorzet's core ethos revolves around fostering transparency and building enduring trust with our user community. Our Financial Policy elucidates the intricacies of our financial mechanisms, ensuring clarity in every transaction.

Platform Handling Fee & Payment Structure

Operational Costs: Crafting a seamless and enriched user experience mandates infrastructural and technological investments. While we strive to offer the majority of our services at no direct cost to the users, certain specialized features may have an associated fee. This fee, always communicated upfront, helps defray the operational costs of maintaining and scaling our platform.

Credit Point System:

Mechanism: Dorzet's innovative credit points system is a testament to our commitment to flexibility and user empowerment. Users can acquire these credit points to unlock a plethora of services on the platform.

Utilization: Once these points are deployed to avail a service or access specific details, they are deemed utilized and are non-refundable.

Transfer & Validity: These points are uniquely tied to individual user accounts and cannot be transferred. Their durability is a hallmark, as they boast a lifetime validity.

Registration Fee for Partners

To maintain the authenticity of our platform and deter fake profiles, a minimal one-time registration fee is charged to partners. This fee not only ensures genuine user participation but also contributes to the platform's overall quality. Interestingly, 50% to 80% of this fee is channeled back to referees as a genuine bonus, further emphasizing our commitment to a thriving community.

For partner: Registration cost will be Rs. 30/-

In case if partner want to use our services: they have to buy a credit package and use accordingly.

For Customer: Registration cost will be Rs. 30/- without credit points.


Registration with package Rs. 199/- with 10 Credit points: Then Registration cost will be “0”/ free.

In case if customer want to Render service: they have to register as a partner.

Referral, Rewards & Commission Structure

1. Referral Bonus:

For Partners: Each time a partner successfully refers a new individual to the Dorzet platform, a bonus of Rs. 20/- is credited to their account. Additionally, upon the referred individual's successful registration, a fee of Rs. 30/- is received. This bonus is not merely a financial incentive but a gesture of appreciation for the partner's contribution to expanding the Dorzet community.

For Customers: Customers who refer new users to the Dorzet platform are rewarded handsomely. Upon the successful registration or the first transaction of Rs. 199/- by the referred individual, the referring customer receives a bonus 4 credits worth of Rs. 120/- or withdraw Rs. 40/- cash. This initiative encourages our user base to share their positive experiences and bring more individuals into the Dorzet fold.

2. Daily Usage Reward:

For Partners: At Dorzet, we believe that the foundation of our platform's success lies in the active engagement of our partners. As a token of our appreciation for their consistent involvement, partners who utilize our app daily will be credited with a reward of Rs. 1/-. This modest sum symbolizes our gratitude and recognition for their dedication and active participation in the Dorzet ecosystem.


The individual must be a registered partner with Dorzet.

They should have successfully completed their first 2 work offers with good ratings.

Maintaining a rating of 3 or above is essential for eligibility.

Compliance with our terms and conditions is mandatory; any violation will disqualify the partner from this reward.

Furthermore, if a partner wishes to avail services as a customer, they will need to purchase credits and utilize them accordingly. It's important to note that Dorzet considers their base profile as a partner, and they will not be eligible for customer benefits.

For Customers: We understand the pivotal role our customers play in our platform's growth. To acknowledge their commitment, every time a customer successfully utilizes 10 credits, they are awarded 1 free credit worth of Rs. 30/-. This incentive serves as a gesture of our gratitude, ensuring that our loyal customers feel valued and encouraged to continue availing of our services.


The individual must be a registered customer with Dorzet.

Maintaining a rating of 3 or above is essential for eligibility.

Compliance with our terms and conditions is mandatory; any violation will disqualify the partner from this reward.

In cases where a registered customer wishes to transition to a partner role and offer services, they must re-register as a partner by paying a one-time fee of Rs. 30/-. Once registered as a partner, they can begin providing services.

It's important to note that Dorzet considers their base profile as a customer, and they will not be eligible for partner benefits. This separation ensures that each user type enjoys the respective advantages and features associated with their designated roles within our platform.

3. Commission Structure:

For Agents: Dorzet acknowledges the pivotal role agents play in creating a seamless link between service providers and seekers. To remunerate their efforts, agents are rewarded with a commission of 6% on every successful transactional value they facilitate.


Agents who introduce new users to the Dorzet platform are rewarded generously. Upon the successful registration or the first transaction of Rs. 199/- by the referred individual, the referring agent will receive a cash reward of Rs. 80/-.

If a user onboards with a cost of Rs. 30/-, the agent will be granted a reference bonus of Rs. 20/-.

Furthermore, in any scenario where the referred user purchases new credit packages, the agent will be entitled to a substantial 6% commission on subsequent transactions.

This initiative is designed to motivate our user base to share their positive experiences and expand the Dorzet community by bringing more individuals into our fold.

Withdrawal Policy:

Users have the liberty to withdraw their earned amounts from their Dorzet earnings. However, to maintain a structured process, withdrawals can only be initiated in multiples of Rs. 50.

It's essential to note that, depending on the bank or financial institution involved, standard bank charges may be levied on the withdrawal amount.

To ensure security and authenticity, all withdrawal requests are subject to a verification process, and there may be standard processing times before the amount reflects in your bank account.

Refund Cancellation Policy:

At Dorzet, the transparency of transactions is paramount. Once a service is availed or purchased on the platform, refunds are not processed.

However, in the rare instance of a transaction failure or technical glitch, the user's bank will initiate the refund, adhering to its policies. Dorzet does not hold responsibility for the timelines or any discrepancies in such cases.

The essence of the Dorzet platform lies in its timely and efficient service provision. Given this, once a user commits to a service and the details pertaining to it are shared or availed, cancellations are not entertained. This is primarily because the charges incurred relate to platform handling, ensuring optimal service delivery.

Package Details:

Name of the Package No of Credits Price In Rs. Discount Discounted Price In Rs. Coupon
Single credit 1 30 0% 30 -
Bronze 1 30 17% 25 ACTIVE17
Silver 10 300 23% 230 -
Gold 25 750 47% 399 -
Diamond 35 1050 52% 499 -
STAR USER 10 300 34% 199 1st time log in / Coupon code-STARUSER

Modification Rights:

Dorzet reserves the right to amend, modify, or discontinue the referral, rewards & Commission structure at its discretion. Users are encouraged to periodically review this policy for any updates or changes. Importantly, any modifications or discontinuations of rewards will not give rise to legal liabilities or claims against Dorzet. Continued use of our platform signifies users' acceptance of these terms.

By using the Dorzet platform, users acknowledge and concur with these comprehensive financial policies. Should there be any ambiguities or concerns related to these policies, we urge users to promptly raise a ticket through our "Help Centre", ensuring a swift and satisfactory resolution.